Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Things to do with spoons when bored

  • Comfort-eat.
  • Make a hot beverage.
  • Play the spoons... maybe try watching this man or this other man for inspiration.
  • Use them as miniature golf clubs (you could use small round things such as Revels, Maltesers or Cheese Footballs as golf balls).
  • Recreate this advert (I take no responsibility for any injury caused, and presumably neither do the ad's creators).
  • Look at your reflection in the back of a spoon, to create the illusion that you are Ant out of Ant & Dec.
  • Make a loose fist, place the second and third fingers against the back of a tablespoon, and move your first and fourth fingers up and down. The reflection will look like a naked sailor doing the washing-up.

Current mood: procrastinating when I ought to be doing something important.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

It's a new dawn, a new day, a new life, and I feel like blogging.

I thought it was about time that I started adding fancy stuff like tags to my blog that I have cultivated for ages... then I decided I might as well get a whole fresh new look. I'm leaving that old blog up as it is (if it's not broke, don't fix it) but starting up this new one that's pretty much a continuation of it.
Hopefully this one should look even more sleek and stylish (i've even slimmed-down my username!), even if it's filled with the same old silliness. I've also decided to add a "current mood" at the end of each post, illustrated with a (hopefully mildly amusing) picture. At the moment I'm rather chipper because I've finished a few essays and I'm drinking Jagermeister and coke (an excellent combination), and I'm very tempted to drink enough to get hyper and attempt to dance a celebratory jig around my new, pokey little flat. So, current mood: happy/dancey/high.